In the Land of Unbelievers

Jacek Dukaj: W kraju niewiernych (2000, Poland)

An anthology by a renowned Polish science fiction writer, containing eight stories set in a technologically advanced future where humankind wanders through the vastness of space.

(In)Finite Models of the Short Story

Sanja Mihajlovik-Kostadinovska: (Bes)konechni modeli na raskazot (2018, Macedonia)

This dense, picturesque prose, which at times shades over into aphorism, offers an exciting view of a different kind of narrative that will doubtlessly stimulate readers’ imaginations.

Construct Utd

Luna J. Šribar: Konstrukt, d. b. o. (2020, Slovenia)

Because of good based and skilfully derived literary construct we believe in the stories even when the logical and empirical borders between fantasy and reality are erased.

The Experiment

Myrto Azina Chronides: To peirama (2009, Cyprus)

The Experiment is an artful prose narrative evading the boundaries of genre: it is an experiment in story-telling.

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