The Experiment

Myrto Azina Chronides: To peirama (2009, Cyprus)

The Experiment is an artful prose narrative evading the boundaries of genre: it is an experiment in story-telling.

In the Land of Unbelievers

Jacek Dukaj: W kraju niewiernych (2000, Poland)

An anthology by a renowned Polish science fiction writer, containing eight stories set in a technologically advanced future where humankind wanders through the vastness of space.

(In)Finite Models of the Short Story

Sanja Mihajlovik-Kostadinovska: (Bes)konechni modeli na raskazot (2018, Macedonia)

This dense, picturesque prose, which at times shades over into aphorism, offers an exciting view of a different kind of narrative that will doubtlessly stimulate readers’ imaginations.

Construct Utd

Luna J. Šribar: Konstrukt, d. b. o. (2020, Slovenia)

Because of good based and skilfully derived literary construct we believe in the stories even when the logical and empirical borders between fantasy and reality are erased.

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