Migrations in Reality

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Migrations in Reality is a literary translation project implemented by Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Project description

Migrations in Reality: The invisible margins may become the centre

Migration in its various forms has always been part of Europe’s reality. Nevertheless, contemporary global problems, such as war, climate change and globalization, have amplified the basic human need to find better, safer and more peaceful places to live. Europe’s openness is exemplified by its capacity to accept its fellow men and women regardless of their origin, existential reality and truth, their universal, human dimension.

The selected literature addresses the causes of migration, including the inner migration of those who have been discriminated against, deprived and pushed to the margins of society, dismantling the image of the marginalized as generic beings by portraying their individual stories, identities and distress caused by assimilation and trauma. Our selected authors address readers with their multi-voiced language, and social and psychological complexity.

Our project rethinks and bridges division to reach mutual understanding, and in doing so the invisible margin becomes the centre, an imaginary space enabling a polyphonic discourse on past experience and real-time perspective; accordingly, the heterogeneous mental landscape beneath the polished surface of society may be seen as our most valuable connective tissue.

List of translated works

Myrto Azina Chronides: To peirama / The Experiment. Translation from Greek into Slovene by Lara Unuk. [short story collection / novel]

J. G. Ballard: The Crystal World. Translation from English into Slovene by Ana Jasmina Oseban. [novel]

Kevin Barry: City of Bohane. Translation from English into Slovene by Alenka Jovanovski. [novel]

Radka Denemarková: Spací vady / Sleeping Disorders. Translation from Czech into Slovene by Tatjana Jamnik. [theatre play]

Jacek Dukaj: W kraju niewiernych / In the Land of the Unbelievers. Translation from Polish into Slovene by Jana Unuk. [collection of 8 novellas]

Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki: Dom Róży. Krýsuvík. Kołysanka dla wisielca / Rose’s Home. Krýsuvík. A Lullaby for a Hanged Man. Translation from Polish into Slovene by Tatjana Jamnik. [collection of 3 novellas]

Ivana Myšková: Bílá zvířata jsou velmi často hluchá / White Animals Are Very Often Deaf. Translation from Czech into Slovene by Tatjana Jamnik. [short story collection]

Iztok Osojnik: Kosovel in sedem palčkov / Kosovel and Seven Dwarfs. Translation from Slovene into German by Klaus Detlef Olof. [poetry collection]

Sunjeev Sahota: The Year of Runaways. Translation from English into Slovene by Petra Meterc. [novel]

Igiaba Scego: Adua. Translation from Italian into Slovene by Alenka Jovanovski. [novel]

Book catalogues in Slovenian and English language

Project results


10 books by superior contemporary European authors

  • Literature from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, and U.K.
  • Tatjana Jamnik – Sovre Prize 2019
  • Lara Unuk – Radojka Vrančič Prize for the best young translator 2020
  • Alenka Jovanovski – nomination for Sovre Prize 2021

Web portals

2 web portals, in Slovenian and English language


Webinar for Reading Club Moderators, 120+ participants from all around Slovenia

  • 3 series of trainings in the period of 2020–2021
  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced level

4 workshops, live and online, 50+ participants from all around Slovenia

4 reading clubs, live and online, 80+ participants from all around Slovenia and abroad

7 literary events with 6 European authors, live and online

10 book fairs, live and online

Sejem akademske knjige Liber.ac (Ljubljana), Mesto knjige (Nova Gorica), Knjige pod jelkami (Nova Gorica), Festival Anime (Izola), Festival fantazijske književnosti FANfest.si (Celje), Dan znanosti in fantastike Meteorita (Jesenice), Sejem s kavča (spletno), Sejem na zraku (Ljubljana in spletno), Knjige na recept (spletno), Znanost ne grize (Ljubljana)



  • Technical support for reading club moderators at transfer to online meetings
  • E-book giveaway during lockdown
  • Giveaways for our newsletter subscribers: Midsummer Night’ Dream and New Year’s Present
  • Donation to collaborators of Radio Študent at the workshop for young literary critics
  • Donation to Slovenian Press Agency and Radio Študent

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Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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