Mission & Vision

The Literary Cooperative is an informal, multinational association of translators, editors, publishers – literary enthusiasts sharing a common goal: to help high-quality literature reach readers beyond national borders.

From readers to readers

Some books stay with us long after reading. This proves that books are much more than just durable goods.

We believe that the future of reading lies in high-quality literature that gives space to the readers and their imagination. It is a known fact that reading expands our cognitive and creative capabilities.

These are the criteria we follow when choosing which books to publish, as well as when recommending literary works to other publishers and translators. The repertoire we offer will satisfy both the insatiable bookworm and the most discerning of bibliophiles.

Books change our interior world, we change reality

All of us shape the world through our actions. We are certain that with our combined forces, readers can improve the world and make it more bearable for all the living beings we share our planet with.

This is why we endeavour to be responsible, ecological, reader-friendly and fair in relationships with our partners, customers and readers in general.

Readers – the biggest community in the world

We are proud that, along with you, we are part of one of the biggest communities in the world – the community of readers.

Readers are capable of not only imagining, but also enacting a better world.

Let’s keep hoping and working toward a better tomorrow.

Literary Cooperative